Ellen Nguyen

Ellen Nguyen is a Vietnamese-born writer, founder, and content creator.


Ellen's articles, essays and stories are best described as insightful, refreshingly honest and open, sexily smart and bold. They explore social dynamics in modern city life and its fascinating subcultures while exposing closed-door conversations and forbidden thoughts – including her very own – in an unflinching manner. They also dissect difficult emotions and complicated relationships from various perspectives which are often unthought of.   

Despite diving in dark and twisted themes at times, Ellen's body of work generally encourages self-awareness, self-love and personal development.    

In 2017, Ellen founded Tingly Mind, an online publication dedicated to the unfiltered experiences of being human and especially of young adults in modern society. The content focuses on honest self-expression, lessons of life, and personal experiences.   


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Whether she is offering advice, recounting her personal encounters or revelling in pure fiction, Ellen Nguyen’s writings make us stop in our tracks, reconsider who we are as moral, romantic and sexual beings, and challenges us to look again at what it means to be human in today’s world.
— D K Powell, Bestselling Author, Educationalist and Social Activist